TK-N-CA$H: Urban Style Spotlight [Interview]

From the moment I was introduced to these two young rappers, I knew their appeal was just as much about their fashion sense as it was about their music. TK-N-CA$H have been taking the music world by storm with their latest single, "No Go" feat. 2 Chainz.... 

Taking note from legends before them, you can hear the influence of rap greats in their music, blending a traditional hip-hop approach with a little swag of their own. TK-N-CA$H have the unique ability to relate to the masses, which has garnered them thousands of screaming, video sharing, ticket buying, song downloading, sign-making fans! Watch any of their videos or listen to any of their music and it becomes clear why these Augusta, Georgia-bred MCs are poised to take over the entertainment industry. The story of TK-N-CA$H is one of two distinctive, yet very similar paths that eventually met with one dream in mind—to not only become music’s next superstars, but all around success stories.

TK met CA$H performing around the Augusta area and realized their success lied in pairing. They began creating music and performing as TK-N-CA$H. It wasn’t long before they caught the attention on Hip-Hop veteran, Ludacris who began mentoring the young duo.As the pair grew more confident, more opportunities came their way. TK-N-CA$H have been a part of not one, but two, Scream Tours, obtained various endorsements, and performed at festivals and venues across the country with other young stars like Diggy Simmons, Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore, and OMG Girlz.

But while the dudes may be rockin' to their club banger "No Go" the ladies are feeling their snapbacks, tattoos, skinny jeans, and "pretty hair." As they say in their song, "my outfits, they flawless."

Check out my interview with TK-N-CA$H below...

URBFASH: So, tell me about yourself?
TK: We're TK N CA$H... a young, gifted, energetic, hip-hop group from Augusta, GA.
CA$H: All about our music and our fans.  That's who we are.

URBFASH: TK N Ca$h? Where did you come up with this/these names?
CA$H: My brother named me Young Cash originally. I was in a group with him and everybody had names that had to do with money. I dropped the "young" and kept Ca$h. Some call me Dolla Sign.
TK: Oh TK? Nothing fancy, first and middle initials. lol

Rap Duo, TK-N-CA$H
URBFASH: So, what are you working on?
TK: Right now we're in the middle of promoting our new project Orientation, out on iTunes now. The single "No Go" featuring 2Chainz is out now too.
CA$H: And, we're about to shoot a movie soon too. Plus still doing music. We're always working.

URBFASH: How would you describe your style sense?
CA$H: It's laid back for the most part. Whatever's dope and a snap back. 
TK: I'd say for me, it's not too much and not too little. Sometimes it's ordinary, sometimes I have to get flashy. lol. Always dope though.

URBFASH: What are your favorite pair of kicks past or present?
CA$H: Supras.
TK: J’s, definitely.

URBFASH: If you could only wear three designer brands for the next year, who would you choose?
CA$H: Supra, Louis V.Maison Martin Margiela
TK: That's a tough one... Obey, Versace, and Billionaire Boys Club.

Check out their latest single "No Go" from their EP Orientation, and follow them on Twitter @TKNCASH1