Customizable Denim Jackets for Fall 2012

Denim jackets are an urban fashion must have this fall. And they're even fresher if you can get one with some animal print or aztec or other South American print. You can try to do it yourself at home or find a website that will help you get your swag on....

To customize your own denim jacket visit,  just launched its brand new customizable denim jacket collection for Fall 2012. As you know, the denim jacket is a popular wardrobe piece, especially ideal for the changing seasons. On their site you can unleash you inner creativity and create one-of-a-kind modifications to separate your jacket from the rest.
Spruce up a classic denim jacket with one of more than five hundred rare, deadstock, and recognizable textiles like Aztec, floral, and animal prints.  Customize your jacket with your choice of fabric patches online and Apliiq will sew your creation and ship it within a week.  
Base jackets are unisex and available in two washes, a dark 'indigo' and a lighter 'stonewash'. Each jacket is made to order in downtown Los Angeles and comes packaged in a reusable fabric bag.  

And we love the price. A customizable jacket starts at $79.00 and each Apliiq patch is between $5-$10. And this is pretty cheap considering....

Apliiq is a new media fashion company that collects rare, deadstock and recognizable textiles and applies them to everyday garments. 

If you're somewhat patient and know how to get your hands on some good strips of fabric, you can just find a cool leather jacket and try to do it yourself.

The video below will show you how to hook up your denim with Aztec print.


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