Designer Spotlight: Tattoo Clothing Group

So for this latest installment of our Designer SpotlightI spoke with the guy behind the innovate, cool, and buzzing Tattoo Clothing Group...a UK based urban clothing company. 

"I have been in fashion (wholesaling) from the tender age of 15... I'm now 27." He told me.  

So tell me about the fashion line...
"My line is called Tattoo Clothing By Damian Clarke (Tattoo Clothing Group).
I created this line because I love tattoos and I feel like the world is slowly accepting it within communities and within the work place. Every other person has a tattoo. So saying that, I created a design which represented the old and the new." 

Meet Lola a 1950's pin up girl you are seeing on the hoodie shown to the left. With earphones ready to listen to whatever she wants. The logo expresses freedom and also shows the movement over time. From the young to the old everybody loves historic facts to help them with life. 

Pin up girls were the sailors choice. I'm trying to create a unique line where I can place any image onto a fabric and it stands out because it's 'the people's choice'. 

I'm trying to make a name for my line with graphic t's thus moving onto classy pieces for both sexes. 

You can check out his threads at


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