Lil Wayne Collaborates To Bring Us Beats By Trukfit Headphones

Justin Bieber shows off Beats by Trukfit headphones.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber's Instagram

Lil Wayne is getting his business grind on once again, jumping on the Beats headphones bandwagon. You are not swag if you aren't rocking some beats headphones... Lil Wayne has a customized pair of the headphones himself -- and they're supposedly covered in diamonds. (See pic below)... But now Weezy is gifting Trufkit fans with headphones they can call they're own.

MTV news recently announced Lil Wayne and his streetwearbrand, Trukfit,  have teamed up with Beats by Dr. Dre for a pair of collaboration headphones, to be called Beats by Trukfit

Apparently, the Biebster instagramed his millions of followers a picture of his new pair of the Beats by Trukfit headphones. This again shows Wayne's crossover appeal with his skater/streetwear brand, Trukfit which draws applause from more than just urban fashion oriented audiences.

Weezy has been a major fan of the Beats headphones, rocking these blinged out headphones all over the world.
The new headphones are swagged out with a Trukfit signature orange and black tiger looking print on the sides. Over the bridge the stylish headphones read "Beats by Trukfit" in bold white text.  Weezy made sure they also have a little white truck logo on the ear pieces.

The headphones aren't available for purchase yet, but you can catch a sneak peek of the pair in this behind-the-scenes video of Lil Wayne's Trukfit photoshoot.  Check it out below:


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