The Perfect DIY Haircut: Bangs

Ever wanted to get your bangs to look perfect like Nicki Minaj? We'll sometimes you don't feel like spending all day on the hair salon, being tossed around from person to person. The key is often a good pair of shears. But here is a little tip from Elle Magazine on how to do your own bangs.

Whether you prefer to wear bangs blunt, sideswept, or both  snipping your own fringe requires a steady hand, patience, and proper technique. 

"Begin by taking a sharp hair scissor or nail scissor and point the tips down toward your nose," says hairstylist Patrick Melville. "Position scissors below the brow and cut vertically in little choppy pieces, slowly chipping away from one side of the face to the other."

Curve 5 inch Hairdressers Scissors from Scissorhands
For longer, sideswept bangs, apply the same vertical cutting motion, but gradually leave pieces longer and longer as you move at a downward slope from the eye toward the opposite ear.

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