The Plug Exchange: The New Look on Recycling.

20 year old creator, Jelly Choke'hold has developed a new style on recycled materials. The young jewelry designer has decided to blend the trends of hip hop with the art of "upcycled" materials. Using recycled items, she has been able to create special pieces like pins, earrings, and chains. "I was blessed with some serious creativity, to be make earrings from birthday cards and magazine paper? I'm thankful for the craft."

Jelly started her journey about 3 years ago, experimenting with playing cards and a glue gun.

"I even made a bracelets from those party flyers because, promoters would always give them out as soon as I got out of [high] school. I didn't feel right, throwing them away so I decided to make bracelets from them. I also paid for my hair dye and tattoos by making bracelets from pop can tabs. I remember a classmate telling me, I could really make some money from it."

But it wasn't until she spent a year in college for Fashion Marketing when she realized she could be more than just a stylist.

"I hated college. (laughs) I hated doing the work, but I did like was learning about the different trends, and marketing tools. I fell in love with learning about fashion. I loved showing how creative I could be with my projects. Finally I had a class where I had to show my portfolio and I showed a lot of the jewelry I had created over the years. Then I heard that famous line again... 'You should sell this stuff'. Since I was a year older, I figured, I was capable."

"I knew I needed a name, something catchy... something that could stick. A roommate and I always had this ongoing joke that we had the "plug", on anything we had more than two of. And anyone who uses "hood terminology knows, the plug is the person who has the drugs. He's the only one you can get it from, you have to buy your stock from him. So, I decided to turn such a negative word, into something positive. Because, I'm the only person who makes this particular style of recycled jewelry, and I'm the only one who sells it. I figure, The Plug Exchange is appropriate. Especially since, I market to men, women, and children. It's more of a "unisex" name rather than, "Jewelry by Jelly"."

Currently, this young creator is perfecting her craft and mental growth, still making extraordinary pieces.

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