Designer Spotlight: FREEDOM54

FREEDOM54 is an American Clothing brand inspired by the universal appeal of African aesthetic. They create original designs by fusing traditional African art custom with modern typography and urban fashion. I spoke with company founder, Kai Dunna about the Houston based clothing company....

How did you get started?
I wanted to wear shirts that are African Inspired but have a universal appeal, so I embarked on the journey to design African inspired shirts for a heterogeneous customer based.  We incorporate elements from the African culture in all of our designs.

How do you define urban fashion?
Urban fashion is the kind of fashion that evokes a high confidence.  It’s about the city-life ….it’s a mixture of culture, lifestyle, ideas, and attitude.  It gives you “Swag”   and enhances your “Cool”

What makes you different?  What is the Brady’s philosophy?
We create unique products backed by exceptional customer service.  Every day is about creating more value for our customers.

 How can people learn more about your clothing?
Visit our website:   follow us on twitter: @freedom54us,