Blog Spotlight: Fashion In Session

I just came across the most informative article about streetwear in a long time. I often get interviewed and asked about my definition of streetwear or urban style. So I try to stay abreast of the cutting edge lingo to be able to give the most current, relevant answer. In other words, I want it to be from the streets; not wikipedia.

The fashion blog, Fashion In Session, wrote an interesting article about the evolution of streetwear. In it, she writes:
 "streetwear is a form of expression, more than a shoutout of their background, interests, culture, and the basic need to wear something."

And she is right... Streetwear is a form of expression. And perhaps that why I love reading other blogs so much-- because it satisfies my needs of seeing self-expression. So, here at Urbfash, we decided to spotlight a fellow fashionista's form of expression, since after all, we're about taking it to the streets.

If you want another place to read about the latest fashion trends and styles, check out the fashion blog, Fashion In Session. It was created by fashion lovers for fashion lovers.


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