Handmade Leather Skirts for the Autumn 2013

Antique Tan Leather Belt Skirt by Gipsy Dharma
Leather skirts were one of this summer's hottest fashion trends. Now looking at the Fall of 2013, leather skirts are not fading away. In fact, StyleList put leather skirts in their fall fashion trends, calling it the "Need of the Week."

So, here at UrbFash we don't want you to get left behind, so here are a few of our favorite leather skirts by Gipsy Dharma, perfect for the Fall/Autumn 2013.

Check out this leather mini-skirt with a wrap around belt.  Its a beautiful tan leather, handmade and reversible. Another cool feature of this skirt is that this leather skirt has hidden pockets.

Handmade leather skirts will definitely help your stand out from the crowd of the everyday leather pencil skirts of leather mini skirts. And because it is a wrap around skirt, it more easily flows around the contours of your body. So its perfect for different body shapes and sizes.

Another creation I love is also by Gipsy Dharma, which creates unique handmade leather clothing and leather boots for women is called the Antique Multidot Tan Leather Belt Skirt, shown below:

This short orangey tan skirt is made from heard wearing recycled leather. Its the perfect color for the Autumn. Check out more leather skirts by Gipsy Dharma.


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