Clamotty: Your Fashion Stylist Is an Awesome Wardrobe App

Clamotty: Your Fashion Stylist, developed by Poberd LLC, is a versatile fashion app that allows you to create and keep track of your wardrobes in a variety of ways. Whether you have a closet full of clothes or you’d just like to remember the really cute top and skirt that go well together, this is a great app for anyone who is fashion minded.

Concept and Functionality
The goal behind Clamotty was to create a fashion app that was easy to understand and master, yet was packed full of features that users would find incredibly helpful. Thankfully the developers succeeded, because this is truly a fun app to use. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional fashion designer or someone who’s on top of the latest trends in order to find a use for the app.
Clamotty Android App Review
Clamotty Android App Review
Clamotty’s easy-to-use menu allows users to quickly and easily get to where they want to. With the touch of a button, you can add a new item to your virtual closet, create new outfits, and even plan what you’re going to wear on a specific day via the built in outfit calendar. One of my favorite aspects about Clamotty is that you can add items to your virtual closet a number of different ways. You can search by name or even scan the item’s barcode.
Clamotty even includes a virtual suitcase that allows you to add different outfits and items so you know exactly what you’ve packed. While the app itself might seem like it would only be useful for those who absolutely must keep track of what outfits to wear when, I can honestly say that it’s useful for both serious fashion fiends and casual users.
Clamotty includes a ton of awesome features such as the aforementioned wardrobe calendar and virtual suitcase. I’ve reviewed other fashion apps in the past, and I can honestly say that I have never come across one with so many unique and original ideas. This is definitely one of those apps that was thinking three steps ahead by creating features you didn’t know you’d want.
Those who are looking for
fashion advice will be pleased to know that Clamotty includes a special section for both men and women that focuses specifically on fashion trends. You can go there to see the latest clothing styles that all of the major designers are currently promoting. Lastly, Clamotty features a fashion news section to help users quickly and easily get the scoop on the latest fashion headlines and catalogs.
Clamotty can be downloaded from Google Play for free, which is an incredible value given everything that the app can do. There’s a small blurb on the app’s information page that talks of an upcoming pro version of Clamotty, which is incredible because I don’t know what they could do to improve an already spectacular app like this one. In short, anyone who likes to keep track of outfits for style and/or organization will almost certainly fall in love with Clamotty.