Designer Spotlight: Rep Intelligence

Today's designer spotlight runs straight through to the core of why I created UrbFash in 2010--to give a greater voice to the urban fashion community. And the clothing company I'm gonna tell you about, Rep Intelligence, is a dope expression of everything urban. I spoke with company founder, 
AJ Olds, to dive deeper into the clothing line.

Tell us about your clothing line... What does it represent?
Rep Intelligence represents several things, but first and foremost, it is a vehicle for change.  It’s a vehicle for change within the minds and hearts of some of our youth in today’s troubled society. Especially those who have a gift and aren't sure whether or not they should be true to themselves and use that gift for something positive or if they should stick with the stereotypes, just to make a dollar. Often times, young people feel as though they must downplay their intelligence in order to seamlessly fit in with peers or to be otherwise accepted by the masses.  These “identity issues” often result in confusion and lead youth to silence that internal voice that inspires them, thereby silencing their dreams, initiative, and creativity.  

That's dope. And there definitely is a need to put forth something positive
Exactly. Rep Intelligence is designed to motivate, uplift, and inspire!  Rep Intelligence is a clothing line that embodies empowerment, strength, determination, and motivation – all of the key elements that are needed for success.

And from my preview of the collection, I could see the strength and determination into making this line a success. I really liked the intelligently designed Rep 2013 Hoodie. Made of a 50/50 cotton/poly low-pill Air Jet Spun Yarn  blend and up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.  It uses the  PrintPro ® XP fleece with high-stitch density for superior embellishment.  The hoodies also features a 2-ply hood with grommets and dyed-to-match draw cord. The sleeves are set-in and there is of course, the essential pouch pocket.  

You can check out the entire collection online at


  1. Love the design, the idea and the thought process behind this idea to change the mind set of our youths, and at the same time keeping the urban look. Great Job!!!! Keep it up. D. Olds


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