Fashion Disaster: Kanye West Splits Pants While Performing; Wears Black Studded Face Mask

Kanye West must've felt a big draft during his concert in Seattle this weekend -- Yeezy had a massive wardrobe malfunction when his already sagging pants split, exposing his boxer-briefs covered package. But that wasn't his only fashion disaster... There were crazy masks and even a cameo from Jesus! 

Kanye West was FASHION DISASTER with ripped pants. Picture Source:

Picture Source:

According to TMZ, Kanye's pants split right down the middle during one of his songs -- but Kanye didn't seem bothered and moved on like it was no big deal (It looks like he's got underwear on, so it wasn't like it was full balls exposure or anything... lol). 

But the real story are these stupid masks he had on -- You gotta peep these pics!

Shouldn't this beanie be on his head? Picture Source:

Kanye sporting a black studded face mask. Picture Source:

 Kanye West Walks with Jesus!  Picture Source:


  1. I loved you Kanye, but you have lost your mind...what are you doing, what are you saying?

  2. lol cant believe this guy seriously...nowadays celebrities dont care about their fashion manoeuvres and disasters! get a stylist kanye baby

  3. that mask is beyond ridiculous btw

  4. Kanye is the most successful artist of the 21st century, tell me what other artist is a billionaire


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