Fashion Photographer Zac Releases iTailor Review

When it comes to custom made shirts, fit is everything. So it is a win win situation when a fellow mogul in the fashion industry prasies your clothing. 

Zac, a renowned name when it comes to fashion photography, has announced the release of his review on fashion clothing company – iTailor. The company makes made to measure online suits and shirts for men and women. The review by Zac lays emphasis on the importance of fit and tailoring as essentials when it comes to men’s formal wear. When contacted, Zac said, “In formal wear, fitting is essential and makes you stand apart in the crowd. You not only look good but feel sexy as well. With iTailor, you can get a unique and high quality product at affordable price.” 

He further added, “What intrigued me was when I came across a few online stores advertising made-to-measure tailoring for men, I wondered if it was possible to get the same quality of craftsmanship just by giving your measurements online, without any kind of fitting sessions? That is when I decided to give iTailor a try.” The review reveals details related to the online store as well as the huge variety and range of options that one can browse and choose from. The site provides a range of fabric and colour options for the customer to select. The shirt or suit, as designed by the customer is displayed on the screen in real time. 

The review also mentions about the fitting video series that allows the users to get correct and exact measurements resulting in better fit and comfort. Zac said, “The process is made a lot simpler by the addition of video guides for taking measurements. This way, you are not required to go through large pieces of text and the chance of any kind of error is also eliminated.” The review also reveals the details related to quality of material as well as stitching along with a mention of the prices being affordable as compared to the alternatives present in the market. 

When asked about the overall experience, Zac said, “I can say from personal experience that iTailor has the quality and customer service to make even the fussiest online clients happy.” 

 Zac is an internationally published fashion photographer based in city of London in UK. Zac started his career as photographer at the age of 13 and has been into the field for over 10 years now. He completed both BA and Post-Graduate Degrees from CSM, University of The Arts, London, specializing in Photography, Fashion, Media and Marketing. You can learn more about Zac and his review at 


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