A How To Guide for Shopping for Men's Jewelry

Everyone knows how to shop for a woman. It goes without saying that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." But what is a guy's best friend? A dog? A watch? A pen? Shopping for a man can be a bit more difficult and shopping for men's jewelry can be quite a task. This aricle will give you a head start or how to shop for men's jewelry.

What Can Men Wear? What Do Guy's Like?

A good watch is the safest bet. If you're like me and cant afford a Rolex timepiece, not to worry. There are many quality brands that can set you up with a stylish watch for your husband, father, brother, or son. Michael Kors, Guess, Swatch, and Citizens all offer stylish watches for a couple hundred bucks. Another option is a nice chain. If your man is like me, he probably doesnt want a lot of bling. So sterling silver is a better bet than a gold chain. And choosing a silver men's chain over a gold one can save you money as well. Be sure to check the clasp for the 925 Sterling Silver marking. And stay away from adding ornaments, charms or medallions! Guys want simple and masculine jewelry. Try a nice curb, herringbone, or figaro style chain.
Curb Chains
One of the most popular men’s sterling silver chains styles today is the curb chain. These could also be used either as a necklace or as a bracelet. Curb chains are made out of flat links that that closely joined together. Curb chains come in a variety of widths. Now, beware that the larger the width of the links, the flashier it is.

Figaro Chains
Men’s Sterling Silver chains are those necklaces and bracelets with a Figaro chain design is another great gift item to consider. This is very similar to that of the curb design except that it is composed of three curb links and then a long link alternating with each other. Because of the gap provided by the long link in the Figaro chain, this particular kind of men’s Sterling Silver chain is not as flashy as the curb chain. This would work well for those quiet, conservative men who enjoy those things that are simple yet stylish. Just like curb chains, Figaro men’s Sterling Silver chains come in various widths which you can choose from.

Herringbone Chains
The third kind of chain that you can give to your husband on your wedding anniversary is the Herringbone men’s Sterling Silver chain. As the name implies, the design of this particular chain resembles that of a herringbone. Many wives would often pick Herringbone men’s Sterling Silver chains because they are able to get two chains for the price of one. This is because most often than not, Herringbone chains are reversible giving two different looks and style in just one bracelet. Your husband can use the flat side during the day time while he is at work and then turn it to the more glitzy side during formal dinners and events. You can see a wide variety of men's neck chains at http://www.jewelrykind.com/32-men-chains

Men's Rings
Men also wear rings. Rings are quickly becoming a go-to fashion accessory for men. They're not just for married guys anymore! And the most popular amongst these are silver rings. If you can get your hands on a handmade one, that's even better.
Carved Rings for Men

While men don't tend to like ornate watches or neck chains, when it comes to sterling silver rings, its exactly the opposite. Gone are the days when a simple band would suffice. Now its all about bands that have some texture such as an oriental, tribal, decorative, or carved design. The perfect ring band is relatively wide with a carving that is offset by a blackened look that perfectly contrasts with the silver to create a dramatic and eye catching piece. Check out a huge variety of men's sterling silver rings at http://www.jewelrykind.com/29-rings-for-men


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