Beyonce's new song is 'bigger' and 'better' than Halo, claims co-artist Ryan Tedder

One Republic's Ryan Tedder has claimed his new collaboration with Beyonce is bigger and better than her megahit Halo.

The One Republic front man - who recently hit number on in the UK Top 40 with Counting Stars - teased the new song from Blue Ivy Carter's mother's follow up album to 2011's 4.

"Personally the song we did I like more than 'Halo'. I think it's a bigger, better song," Tedder said during an interview with Australian radio station Nova.

Ryan produced the Grammy-winning Halo so it's not like he's slamming anyone else's work.

"[The-Dream] did 'Single Ladies', I did 'Halo' so we thought - what would happen if we just did a song together?"

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