Celebrities and Now I too am Obsessed with the Hermes Belt

I'm debating whether to join the growing list of urban fashionistas that have made peace with dropping hundreds of dollars on a belt we've watched celebrities rock with so much swag. The Hermes Belt has been adourned by many of hip hop's fashion elite.
Kanye's future wife and baby mama, Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing the Hermes Crocodile light gold H buckle belt in orange and peach red.
YMCMB Rapper Tyga and head of fashion movement and clothing line, Last Kings has been pictured in a red Hermes belt. He also has a black Hermes belt with a red 'H' which he wore to the Grammy Awards last year with Fellow Young Money artists, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

R&B singer Kelly Rowland owns quite a few. She has been spotted around town wearing different colors of the popular Hermes belt with sports a huge 'H' emblem as the buckle.
Rapper and sometimes singer, Drake also knows a thing or two about style. He wears his black Hermes belt with baggy pants adding just a taste of urban finesse.


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