Designer Spotlight: Angel's Jeans

Interview with Jessica Eckhas, marketing director of Angels Jeans.


What is the inspiration behind your designs?

We get inspiration from everywhere!  We can take trendy looks from shoes, belts, and bags and apply them to our jeans.  We also pay attention to what has retailed for us previously.  We’ll update the looks to stay fresh but we’ll give the customer a look that we know she likes.


How would you describe the look of Angel’s Jeans

We’re flirty and fun…  We’re sexy and flattering without being too provocative or inappropriate. 


Where are your clothes available?

We sell department stores such as JCPenneys , Kohls and Fred Meyer.  However, everyone once in a while you’ll be lucky enough to find our jeans in bargain stores, such as, Dots and Burlington Coat Factory.  Also, JCPenneys and Kohls sell Angels on-line.  And, come January 2014 we will be launching our own website and we’ll be selling through Amazon!


How did you get into this?  Do you have a background in fashion or design?

My parents started Angels almost 18 years ago.  So, I guess you can say it’s in my genes…no pun intended!


Who is your ideal customer?

It’s not a specific age we’re after – it’s a mind frame!  We love women who are confident and carefree!  She looks great in our jeans and she knows it!


How would you like to see Angel Jeans grow?

Angels offers a variety of styles and looks – basic, embroidered, skinny, boot, belted, color, and the list goes on and on.  Our fit is always consistent so we would love a customer to have a pair of Angels Jeans in every look for every occasion.  They’re great for casual Sundays, a holiday party, or even to school!


What is your most successful promotion channel?

We love it when a customer loves our jeans and she tells her friends about them…  So, word of mouth is our favorite promotional channel.  And, recently, we have had a lot of fun with Facebook.  Stay tuned for a design contest – maybe you’ll end up being our next designer!