How to Choose Fashion Business Names for New Startups

Ok. So now you know you want to start a fashion business. Perhaps you want to start a clothing line or a clothing boutique. So, you know what you want the line to look like but you need a good name for your business.

A good fashion business name is not easy to come by. You may over whether your choice reflects your brands image well enough or Traditionally, brand names have been the designers own name. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, and are all household names and the designers own names. In the urban fashion marketplace, you can thing of brands like LRG, Rocawear, Sean John, and Akademiks. But there are many ways to approach coming up with a name.  For example, Diddy named his clothing line, Sean John after his son, while Akademiks is an urban slang spin on the work "Academics." Think about who your audience is, what do they respond to? Think about what your image is, and how you can project that. And finally, think about your inspiration.
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The most recent trend in  Fashion business names has been using a very personal inspiration- like a mother’s maiden names. When sister’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy were seeking a name, they pulled it right off the family tree. Rodarte, their mothers maiden name, is a reflection of their inspiration, it is distinct, and it sticks. Other designers naming with their mothers in mind including the fashion houses of Proenza Schouler and Suno. When picking a  Fashion business names,  another idea is to think about who and what inspires you. Could you dedicate the brand to your inspiration?

It is easy to overwhelm yourself with a plethora of name choices and the brands identity. This is an important step in branding and inspiration can come from the rarest places, be patient. Take some time to see how other successful brands have chosen their names. Using them as inspiration should help you in your decision and if you still  can't figure out a good name for your clothing line or other fashion line, just check out  makes it really simple. You can buy a ready made name for your fashion business, complete with logo and a corresponding website. So fret not. And good luck with your fashion business!

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