Local Swag: Jersey City

Xavier Williams, 21, of Jersey City, NJ tells Urbfash about his personal style, which he crafts from shopping at lots of urban streetwear shops.

Tell me about your style...

My style is very different. I'm into fitted clothing...something that shows off my body. I love colors and patterns. I'm always into sneakers like Jordan's and Adidas and reeboks . I believe that you can tell a lot about a person shoes. I always have to have accessories on such as hats or earrings or watches. 

How do you define streetwear?
Streetwear is something you can feel comfortable in but it stands out at the same time. Not too flashy... like fitted jeans, a nice t-shirt and sneakers. 

What makes Jersey City's fashion unique?
Jersey city fashion is unique cause there's so much styles out at the moment so it's hard to choose. But I have a habit of putting all the styles into one.


  1. That's my boy X. We got to school together. Love you X. I'm proud of you...doing big things.#Victoria

  2. Owll that's my bro...


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