On the Move: Trend Star Clothing

Leading the way in providing bespoke urban fashion to the masses, Trendstar Clothing looks to offer a wider variety of urban designers with unique styles. I spoke with Steve Osei Brand manager at Trend Star Clothing to get the real deal...

 How did you guys get started?

Trend Star Clothing Ltd was set up in 2009 in order to provide an outlet for independent bespoke urban clothing designers.

An outlet? 

 We are an independent urban fashion retailer.  We retail and distribute a wide variety of independent urban brands and provide a platform where they can showcase their products and designs.

 So what are your goals?

We aim to help keep fashion fanatics informed and up to date with the latest urban fashion must haves in both the commercial mainstream fashion scene as well as the independent urban wear scene.

We hope to help push forward talented up and coming designers as well as providing customers with an insight into the independent urban fashion world.

Tell me about the designers you work with...

 We work with some of the UK well known brands such as TrapstarForreduci, Dench Clothing owned by Lethal Bizzle, Show-Love clothing, SN1 wear fronted by Uk rapper Giggs, Boy London and many more..


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