Best Online T-Shirt Printing Shops

So you think personalised t-shirt printing is just for birthdays, group holidays and cheap uniforms? Don’t be fooled. Given the right amount of thought you can print yourself some amazing fashion items that are guaranteed to be unique.

It’s true that you’ll probably want to avoid most of the design templates that t-shirt printing companies offer to make it easier for the general shopper to buy an easy gift for Dad or Gran. Although these t-shirt templates are great they won’t give you the one-off design with that touch of flair that would make a great fashion item.

There’s a lot of t-shirt printing shops out there, online and on the highstreet. What makes the best stand out from the crowd is their willingness and ability to go the extra mile to help you turn an idea into reality, even if you’re just buying a one-off shirt. So many online shops give you a very uncomfortable disclaimer as you proceed to actually buying your t-shirt. It often goes something like this “You are accepting that your shirt will be printed exactly as it appears here and once submitted it will not be possible to make changes to the design’. If you see that then run a mile.

You don’t want to be thinking that the often rather uninspiring and inaccurate preview image you’re shown is all that stands between you and your t-shirt; an item destined to be the height of fashion. You need the confidence that a team of real people will be taking an interest in your design and working to make it the best it can be. I had exactly that experience with TShirtStudio, who very much gave the opposite message to the one mentioned above, which although not explicitly written felt something like ‘We’ll try our best to make your design look as good as possible. If we spot any issues we’ll contact you and ask if you want to rectify them. We won’t send you a bad t-shirt.’ This message was reinforced the last time I ordered from them and they contacted me to say that they felt my image could be better quality and that the text would be improved if split over 2 lines. I explained I didn’t have a better logo and they came back saying they’d tidied it up, and in the process my design was now suitable for printing on dark garments and would I like to change.

It was quite something.

So what can you put on a personalised t-shirt to make it look good enough to be called a fashion garment? I can’t tell you that. As much as we’re told what’s fashionable, you’re really going to be picking something that you think looks cool. I think text designs are really great looking so I’ve just designed a new t-shirt that you can see here. It’s a backlash against all of the keep calm designs that everone has. I love the silver text. Have you noticed that the text really fits the shape of the t-shirt. Well this isn’t a photo of the final product. This is their preview image! I don’t know how they do it but it looks fab and I can’t wait for this one to arrive!


  1. thats a nice t-shirt, youre right you cant trust these t-shirt printing shops, you never know when they might just screw up ur design and give u something completely different to what u asked for. Nonetheless, Im sure some companies are trustworthy, u just need to find the right one.

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