H&M Launches New Collection Using Recycled Denim

H&M announced the launch of a new denim line, set to hit stores at the end of February, in which every piece is made from recycled fibers. How's that for sustainability?!? There are jeans, vests and jackets in a variety of washes, and each item contains 20 percent recycled cotton, which is the maximum amount that can be used today when making new fabric without compromising the quality. 

The used clothes collected went into a total of five denim pieces in the new collection.  

The recycled fibers came from a program H&M launched last year, which allowed you to donate used clothes to an H&M store and receive a discount on your purchase. 

As H&M puts it, they’ve “closed the loop.” And it sounds like there’s more where that came from: The Swedish retailer says it’s collected an impressive 7.7 million pounds of used clothing. H&M also says it donates 0,02 Euro (three cents) for every kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) of clothing donated, according to its international charity site.

So will you wear H&M's recycled jeans?


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