Kim Kardashian Rocks Spandex Leggings, Somehow Manages To Look Glam After SoulCycle

Does Kim Kardashian not sweat like the rest of us? Kimmy emerged from her uber popular exercise boutique, SoulCycle where she was taking a spinning class looking flawless.

Here's what the Huff Post said…

"she left the Beverly Hills studio in a skintight black top and matching spandex leggings. Kardashian looked full-on glam after her workout, with nary a hair out of place and a face full of makeup -- leaving us with a couple of questions. Did she shower, re-apply her makeup, blowout her hair, and put her gym clothes back on before leaving? Or does Kim Kardashian simply not sweat quite like the rest of us."

So what do we think? Is Kim Kardashashian a super hero?