Create your Christmas Wishlist today!

Ladies, Are you still shopping for items on your Christmas wish list?  

We've teamed up with a fabulous website to bring you the best fashion finds this holiday season. is a dreamy collection of the most fabulous, gorgeous and top branded products, Italians designers, French brands and more, picked up ONLY FOR YOU!! This website was created by women, for women.

 Check out the video below. It will show how to navigate the website...

Or you can just follow these simple steps:

- User browses products (by category like shoes, by brand like Marc Jacob, by category like Must Have items...)

- See something you like? Simply add it to your wishlist, the purpose is that other people will buy items from this wishlist (through the site you can also purchase,. You don't need to signup to make a purchase, just click on: Buy Now!).
- Users can share their wishlists through the sharing buttons on your wishlist page. U can share on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, send by email or copy the direct link url to your wishlist and paste it wherever u desire.

- You can search for Facebook friends with Facebook widget (at bottom of thewebsite), and invite them to create a wishlist, then you can make them a wish come true.

- Anyone can purchase through the website without the hassle of signing up.

Why all this is useful?
- Women love good things, love to treat themselves, love to shop etc. But, usually only them know best what will make them happy, so- do the job for your men! 
Choose your gifts, enjoy the shopping of course (we know you can browse for hours), Men, get the list and go to purchase.
All done! Everyone is happy.

Ok ladies, let's sum up.
Your wishlist was created, and all your wishes are listed there.

All you have left to do is:

(1) Share it away, spread the word all over. You might find the social buttons at the top of your wishlist page helpful for that.

(2) Sit back, relax, and wait to have your wishes come true!"

Have a happy browsing and a Merry Christmas too!