Designer Spotlight: Gambit Nation

This dose of designer spotlight hones in on a cool, refreshing line of athletic clothing complete with hoodies, t-shirts, caps, socks... the whole gambit.
The clothing line was created by Shannon Richardson while he was in his freshman year in college. Most recently branded as Gambit Athletics, the clothing company has been changed to Gambit Nation.

He calls it a culture Brand because he felt the lack of Afro-American and young urban teen fashion present in the sport of lacrosse but it has grown into a brand that crossover into Crossfit gyms, fitness parks and even Zumba studios.

Gambit has somer dope gear that you will love. Check them out at


  1. It is great to see a new line of appropriate clothing for our youth that demonstrates how diverse we truly are. I have seen the quality of this clothing and it will truly stand the test of time. Good Luck with your success!

  2. Gambit is that new up and coming line get behind it hands 👐 down👇and hoyce the torch high

  3. Stylishly comfortable work out clothes I especially like there hats and socks great for everyday use

  4. They said it couldn't be done. They even said it shouldn't be done. now they all want to know how it was done.


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