From Law Professor to Fashion Designer - Designer Spotlight: Filthy Riché Clothing Co.

Atlanta, GA -- Ten years ago, his response would have been completely different, but these days, Al Gíll Chenault is proud to call himself an emerging fashion designer in Atlanta.  While he holds a bachelors from Morehouse College in theater, a masters degree in education from City College of New York, and a law degree Tulane University, today, he is the creative impetus behind the Filthy Riché clothing and lifestyle brand.  He just launched the Filthy Riché Clothing Boutique in Atlanta, and launched an online shop at FilthyRiché.com.

Filthy Riché is an urban lifestyle brand that believes its not about where you are; it’s about where you want to be. “Being a multi-lingual black guy with three degrees is kinda like a double edged sword…. My family has always had all these expectations of me.  My father wanted me to be a judge. My mom expected me to be a doctor, but all I’ve ever wanted was to be creative.  To be filthy riché is a fullness that is less about financial circumstance and more about how you feel.

In the hood, you’ve never needed a whole lot of money to be hood rich. My ghetto fabulosity has always been just that: an expression.  You can’t tell me that because my house is in the hood or because my bank account doesn't have as many zeros as Donald Trump's that I can’t collect and curate art and antiques. 

Just as designers have never been able to stop certain groups from wearing their clothes (although they have tried), my motto is “be you, be Filthy Riché.”

Filthy Riché Maroon & White Tank Top, $22 @

Along with how you feel is how your live. Filthy Riché  promotes living life and giving back like you're filthy riché. To that end, a portion of our profits are used to support local activities for youth in the West End section of Atlanta, Georgia.  

In his private life, he’s a street art enthusiast and antique French furniture connoisseur.  In addition to designing and curating, he teaches adult literacy at a local community college and stays politically engaged and vocally in favor of BlackLivesMatter, affordable housing initiatives, additional funding for art enrichment, foreign language education, adult literacy, and HBCUs.

Last week, he partnered with Urbfash Magazine and brought in other local artists, clothing designers, and fresh urban models to present the Back 2 School Fashion Show and Industry Mixer at Gallery 992 in Atlanta.  

Follow Filthy Riché on IG @FilthyRicheClothing, shop online at, or visit the brick and mortar Filthy Riché Clothing Boutique at 2943 Legion Way, East Point, GA.


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