To Sag or Not to Sag: That is the Question

I'll be the first to admit that at times, my pants fall below my waist, but why is this a problem? 

If my undies are clean and my private parts are covered, I'm not really sure why me sagging is a cause of concern to others. Just when it looked as if the pants sagging phenomenon had started to fade away, it has reared its not so ugly head again in popular culture.

For starters, it used to be that just "gangstas" sagged their pants. Now its everyone from tweenaged skaters to old men rappers.  And with streetwear brands like Supreme and more established brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger offering boxers and boxer briefs with huge logos on the elastic brand, the urge to show off at least a little bit of your boxers is irresistible.

Perhaps its also due in part to the return of 1990s fashion trends. According to Wikipedia, sagging first peaked in popularity during the 1990s and remained popular into the mid 2000s, but it has recently made a comeback with celebrities like Justin BieberLiam PayneLil Wayne and more bringing back the fashion trend. 

Sagging in the 1990s usually focused on baggy trousers with plaid boxers, but in the 2010s sagging has become popular with skinny jeans and branded boxer-briefs.

So chime in... What do you think? To sag or not to sag? That is the question.