ALBUM REVIEW: Oji -- Sono’Theism

This week, I had the pleasure of listening to "Sono'Theism," a captivating, smooth, yet vibrant collection of music written, produced, mixed and mastered by Oji.

Oji, who is based out of Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco, California, has brought forward an album that is truly unique. 

The genre of music can best be described as experimental jazz/ spiritual hip hop. But each track has its own sound and vibe. 
My favorite song on the album in "Doorway to the Cosmos." It gives me an -- if Outkast was from the Bay Area and unleashed a higher spiritual awakening feel. The instrumentation, multiple African drum beats, and chants, make it the perfect get up out of the bed and seize the day kinda track. 

"Another Dimension" is a definite banger (if a Spiritual hip hop album is allowed to have bangers.) 

love the positive energy in the song "Prime Resonant Frequency"  with lyrics such as "I need to feel the electricity within me."

He is currently working on part 2 of the album. If you're interested in hearing or learning more about Oji and this project, I've included links to his social media below.