Artist Spotlight: JACKIE - The Reformation

Yesterday, I got to check out some brand new music from a beautiful half German/ half Brazilian singer named Jackie.  Her new song, "Suave" lured me in with its latin reggaeton beat, but still gave off those Brazilian upbeat club/ funk vibes. 
Growing up in South America and Europe, Jackie got the best of both worlds. She studied music and philosophy and started playing the piano at 4 years old. After dropping out of college, she landed an internship at Warner Music where she found her love and knack for songwriting. 

Jackie moved to LA from NYC and learned to perfect her craft before she had to leave the United States for a bit. 

After getting close and familiar with the Brazilian market and writing for some big name artists in Brazil, she began writing for artists in London, where she spent a lot of time. During this process, she found herself. A reborn and encouraged Jackie pushed herself to pursue her career as an artist. 

She’s finally releasing her first proper EP "The Reformation.” Wanting the project to be perfect, she agreed to move forward, but only if a group of producers she had worked with out in Brazil, "The Dogz" (production for Anitta, Lexa, Major Lazer etc) agreed to produce it. 

Her first 2 singles from the project are "Anything for U" and "Suave." 

This is her rebirth.