Artist Spotlight: Midnightview, Great Coffee, Let's Have Sex

Jamaican born rapper, Midnightview has been in the music scene for nearly a decade.  He doesn't disappoint with his latest track, 

His new single, Great Coffee, Let's Have Sex (Hi Five for Orgasms) is a high energy, fast moving sex song that leaves no room for doubt about his intentions... with lyrics like "I want you face down, and that ass up."

The song also features Bianca Ashley, who says in her lyrical flow, "her milkshake even bring girls to the yard." 

Midnightview's single has an orgasmic beat and his flow is as raw and dirty as it gets, but is delivered as smoothly and creatively as when Common spits in The Light, "Ghetto to coffee shop, through you I see that all." 

Make sure to add his new song, Great Coffee, Lets Have Sex to your Spotify playlist. 

Great Coffee, Let's Have Sex (Hi Five for Orgasms)