NLE Choppa Sports Retro Puma MCS Tracksuit; Reports Leaking of New $8 Million Record Deal

NLE Choppa is stepping up his fashion game. The Memphis born rapper posted some pics to Instagram wearing the Iconic Puma MCS Tracksuit. 

The MCS Track Jacket first appeared in the ‘80s club scene, and quickly became popular among MCs and hip-hop fans. For 2019, Puma reimagined this retro style for the next generation with new designs featuring the iconic cutlines. This edition features that same understated silhouette and slightly dropped shoulders, with colorblocked panels on the top half. Because classics- whether they're styles or songs- only get better with age.

Looks like he's spending some of that new money! According to reports, the 17-year-old rapper has signed a record deal valued at a whopping $8 Million. Although full details of the deal have not yet been released, media source have reported that the Memphis rapper is getting ready to release a new album. NLE Choppa is one of the fastest rising new rappers in the game currently. His singles, “Camelot” and “Shotta Flow” literally took over the streets since being released in 2019. 
Earlier in the year, NLE Choppa boasted that he made $10 Million since getting in the game. “I Ran Up 7 Million In 9 Months And Only 16… I See Why They Mad,” he said. He forgot the additional 3 million dollars from his publishing deal and corrected himself, “Ten Million* When This Publishing Deal Come In Forgot About That Bitch.”

NLE Choppa turned down a 3 million record deal offered to him earlier in the year but chose instead to stay independent by getting a distribution deal. It seems the $8 million may be the deal he wanted.


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