Underground Artist Spotlight: 53nzo

53nzo is an underground rap artist from Trenton, NJ and is part of the Vulture Gang Mafia.
Although his upcoming album will be released next Valentine's Day --Feburary 14 , 2020, I was able to get a preview of some of his music this past week.
His song entitled "Internet" is a late nite chill track. It has a mellow trap like vibe with lyrics like "I run up a check with no suit or tie."

"Diamonds & Clout" is bonafide baby maker. 53nzo masterfully spits about how he treats girls who don't want nothing but diamond and clout --"choking you up while I'm dickin you down."

"Break My Heart" ft. Slang has that energetic South Jersey, Philly hip hop feel --  with a thick hood beat and raw lyrics like "no visine, I want you to see I'm high."And Slang provides that extra raw street credit with his dope feature on the track, spitting out "Fat nigga, no exercise.  I run shit"

53nzo is signed to Vulture Gang Music/Dope Hitz. 

To learn more aboutt 53nzo, you can follow him at @53nzo0Th3Bandit or the hastag #53nzo.
For booking, press, or collar inquries, hit em up via email: Dopehitz2016@gmail.com