3 Safest Colors For Clothing That Anyone Can Carry

If you are having a headache pondering over what color and color combination to wear for the day, you are not alone.
Unless you are a mascot who already has it's fashion sense set for life, almost everyone thinks about what to wear before stepping out of the house.
It's just that some people don't spend more than a minute considering their options, while others spend more time that they'd like to admit in picking their colors for the day.
Sometimes we feel so cheerful that we naturally find the courage to wear bright yellow. Other times, passionate red can just seem so right for an occasion. But these colors don't always look good with everyone.
If you don't want to look out of touch with trends and have no time to think about what to wear, then going with neutral colors is the safest bet.
White is probably the most popular color for T-shirts and basic apparel. And for good reason.
It's non-threatening, symbolizes purity, and is just about the best background for any types of print designs.

A white top matches flawlessly with jeans, pants and skirts.
Moreover, if you are bringing a jacket along, the jacket is very likely going to be dark colored which contrast nicely with the white top.
Even neutral colored jackets (except white) usually blends nicely with white.
You simply can't go wrong with white.
Black is the color that is infamous for making people look slimmer and more slender.

This reason alone is enough to make it one of the most favored colors for people who are going out to make an impression. Especially when going out on a date.
Supposedly representing the color of water, they match very well with soft colors too.
Some people are blessed with the natural ability to look gorgeous in a totally black combination of top and bottom. But not everyone would be able to pull that off.
For the sake of contrast, matching black with a light colored piece is the way to go.
Because white and black is on the extreme ends of the color table, gray which is something in between is an excellent neutral color that is right for any occasion.
It's not a pushover like white, and not as mysterious as black.
In addition to that, they also come in different shades that can match nicely with both light and dark colors.

Saying that gray is versatile is a gross understatement.
If you have a wardrobe filled with black and white apparel, try switching to gray and see the effect for yourself.
Other colors that you used to match with black of white can take on a new life of it's own when they are replaced with gray.
Finally, remember not to go all-in with neutral colors to avoid looking too dull and boring.
Fashion experts actually often recommend that at least one core color such as blue or red is added to a neutral base to easily look more trendy that the average person.