Album Review: Forever Temporary - Derriziel Pierce

If K-Pop and EDM had a love child and it was adopted by Frank Ocean, it would sound kinda like Derriziel Pierce's latest album, "Forever Temporary."  A collection of electronic love songs with a melancholy twist to them, the project audibly showcases Pierce's talents as a producer and sound mixer -- he's remixed songs for Dovley Music and Kendrick Lamar.

A worldly, soulful pulse can be felt in percussion and vocals in his song, "Get Away from Your Love." Derriziel says he "used Vocaloid 5, and his 6 years of experience in mixing (His remixes can be found at:, remixing, and producing to make this album." The result is a melodicemotional, yet energetic masterpiece.

My favorite song on "Forever Temporary" is "Please Come Home. Its a sad, emo plea with dope vocals, clean instrumentation, and a clean drum beat which leaves the listener in a chilled out vibe.

To listen to more of Pierce's dope tracks and remixes, check out these links below: