Cirex Debuts New EP --Interplate

Cirex is a Puerto Rican solo project that combines metal, drum and bass with dubstep and industrial influences, embedded with guitars, created by Eric Ortiz. 

I was able to preview his new EP  entitled "Interplate" which will be available on Spotify and all platforms in the coming days. 

The first track, "Sinner" is a dark silhouetted uptempo song that sets the tone for the EP. Skillfully produced, engaging, and a truly original sound. 

The sound is a musical mashup that hits like the kind of dubstep elevator music you'd probably hear if you lived inside a haunted house themed video game. Complex and multi-tracked as it is, there's a creative dissonance the makes Cirex a mandatory stop for any music lover of heavy metal, dubstep, EDM, or D&B. 

My favorite track on the EP is "Focus" which has a driving, athletic quality. Its the perfect song to add to your exercise routine.