Kamryn Marie has it all "Under Control"

Kamryn Marie is an American pop singer and songwriter originally from Washington, DC. Her new EP, entitled "Under Control" is a light-hearted ode to that vulnerability we feel in the pursuit of love just before and after a breakup. 

Using her authentic and captivating persona, Kamryn seamlessly infuses a wide variety of influences into this project. From supercharged EDM to sultry ballads-- and even a hint of a laid-back country vibe, "Under Control" shows it all. Although its hard to deny a Taylor Swift comparison, the Washington, D.C. native stays true to her innermost self.

"Taking Chances" has a chill yet EDM vibe. "One More Hi" with its heartfelt lyrics like "all I need is one more hi" and "what makes you think he is worth your time" is the perfect bedroom anthem. 

My favorite track is "Somebody with a Broken Heart." The vocals are impeccable, the melody is perfect, and the lyrics are just what I needed to here after my bad breakup.

Let me touch your body 
Til I heal the scars of your broken heart. 

Marie has released 7 singles and one full-length album "As Is" prior to "Under Control."

Listen to "Under Control" now on all major platforms and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.