MAGAZINE GAP Releases New Single, For The Ride

To kick off the new roaring 20s, British alternative pop band MAGAZINE GAP has released the first of three new singles ahead of their highly anticipated album, “What’s That About?” With crisp drum beats, a simple catchy chorus, honest lyrics and masterful execution, they are taking their fans along for the ride. 

For The Ride,” the first of three unreleased songs from the upcoming album, is a funky upbeat yet perfectly melodic testimony on deepening and strengthening a relationship through transparency and honesty, with a commitment to long-term support through good times and bad. Lead singer, James Keen energetically belts, "I am always on your side.. the ups and downs, the twists and turns." The video was filmed in Brixton with a black and white theme, and showcases the electronic and electric instruments.

The London based trio, made up of James Keen (vocals, guitar), Alex Ho (Piano & Keyboards) and Brian Cookie” McCook (Drums & Production), has been getting buzz from both sides of the pond. They've built up a notable online fanbase from around the world and performed across the UK and Europe, the United States and the Far East. 

MAGAZINE GAP is constantly challenging themselves with different ways of writing, arranging, performing and recording. Here the band are using more electronic sounds than ever before (though still performed by live musicians with zero programming), with intermittent electric guitar, keeping a focus on the overall vibe, vocals and lyrics. There are more sections than any other Magazine Gap track, which made it one of the most difficult songs to complete, but all the more rewarding.

FOR THE RIDE is now on