Meteo Xavier's Retrowave Symphony, Saturn Icarus

Meteo Xavier's new project, Saturn Icarus is a nardly seventy minutes of melodic synthesized bliss. With its orchestral, metal, industrial, opera vocals, glitch and even Japanese taiko elements, it  creates a synthwave/retrowave symphony. 
Original Illustration by Devine Lu Linvega.

Xavier, of 12MX Media described the Saturn Icarus soundtrack as a hybrid soundtrack and album in that most of the audio tracks were commissioned for an indie game called "Saturn Icarus" and was released with additional work and tracks as inspired by Peter Gabriel's "Passion" soundtrack and album. 

Original Illustration by Devine Lu Linvega as it appears on Edited by Meteo Xavier. Used with permission by Devine Lu Linvega.

Saturn Icarus was intentionally designed to go beyond videogame music standards with each track being significant, sounding distinct from each other track, while keeping a synthwave/retrowave foundation underneath it. Xavier explained, "this isn't just another COM TRUISE ripoff album, it features a wide variety of additional genre elements like drum and bass, metal guitar, IDM, trance, orchestra and more with an additional focus on memorable melodies and more drums and percussion than just WUMP-TISH." 

The project was composed and arranged by Mateo Xavier and mastered by TOKEE.

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