Rev Peter Unger Feat Grace Re-Release ‘There’s A Spirit II’ Single

Rev. Peter Unger delivers a powerful message with his re-release of "There's A Sprit II." The Christian track which also features Grace,  gloriously infuses the simplicity of country with the classic folk sound to take listeners on a spiritual journey of love, gratefulness, and the beauty of nature. 

"I'm part of something greater that makes me whole."

Peter Unger is a pastor and part time college instructor. Originally a native of Vermont, he now lives in Pennsylvania. His songs are written in a variety of genres including folk, country, Gospel, and Celtic music. He tries to write songs that will reach a broad spectrum of spiritual seekers where they are at spiritually. 

"There's a spirit moving all around in all that lives and grows."

Common themes in the pastor's music are the healing love and Grace of God. Pastor Unger has primarily performed his songs during the worship services of the churches he has served. He sees sharing his songs online as an extension of his ministry.