The Brilliance Drops Emotional New Single, "Must Admit"

Nearly two decades after what was arguably the most traumatic experience in modern American history, band members David Gungor and John Arndt, aptly known as The Brilliance, reflect on 9/11 and how we feared it might have been the end of the world in their new single, "Must Admit."

The lyrics to this song only make the melody and dynamic instrumentation (which includes major major string vibes) even sweeter. The song belongs on a motion picture soundtrack.

People out there talking bout it
The end of the world
Must admit I thought about it
When the buildings fell to Earth

One of the most poignant lines of the song, "But do you think we can ever recover?" leaves you wanting to hear and ruminate more on how this incident affected our world.

Check out the video for  The Brilliance's heartfelt song, "Must Admit." It was recorded live at Paste Studios in New York City.

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