Zandra Vibes Releases New Song, Anxiety

Zandra Vibes latest release, "Anxiety" is a seductive, ambient, bass-filled, alternative R&B track overlaid with Zandra's airy vocals and sexy sultry lyrics like "I can smell you in the air. I can feel you inside of me."

Zandra Vibes, initially billed under the name Alex Young, debuted onto the music scene with a pop album entitled Amazing. After taking a brief hiatus, the amazing Zandra Vibes returned to music embracing her most authentic self. She pulled away from the world of Pop to manifest something new. R&B/Soul fused with Trap elements layered over cosmic atmospheres and effects definitely create a vibe. 

Her music has a dark ambiance sprinkled with light vocals. Although it’s an alternative to R&B, it remains a vibe.