Katrina Stuart Releases First Album, "Under My Skin"

Los Angeles, California based recording artist Katrina Stuart released her very first album "Under My Skin" worldwide two months ago and it is getting lots of positive buzz. Perhaps it doesn't hurt that she has nearly a half million Instagram followers. The Toronto, Canada born singer uses her platform to inspire her listeners and fans to pursue their own dreams. 

Katrina's album "Under My Skin" is about all the experiences she's  been through the past few years compiled into one album. The meaning of the title of the album, Katrina explains, "I feel like all the songs are created from all these different emotions that are in my heart and ‘under my skin.’" The cover artwork shows both the emotionally dark and the happy side of Katrina which reflects her recent life experiences. 

Katrina's voice makes the album a joy to listen to. I literally got chills under my skin. In fact, there is not a dull track on the album. That's because the album was produced by many top producers such as Trevor Muzzy, Cboe, Niklas Carson, Yei Gonzalez, Sebastian Lestapier, and Andrelli.

Starting as a contestant in the second Elimination Round for Musicash’s show, Katrina won the round proceeding as a finalist by winning the Most Voted. Shortly after, Katrina signed with Musicash Records. As a finalist, Katrina competed against 10 other finalists to win a part of $80,000 in the Musicash Grand Finale on November 16th, 2019.

"She is a quadruple threat; she can sing, dance, play instruments, and perform at the highest level!! We are so proud of her and excited for the release of her first album ‘Under My Skin’." 

                      - Jeff Marino, CEO & Owner of Musicash Records

The new album can be streamed on all major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. It was released alongside her two singles, "Gone" and "Dinner."

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