Private Listening Session: Will Love - L.O.V.E. EP

Last month, we featured Charleston based rapper, Will Love in our Artist Spotlight when he released his single "DDA." But Mr. Love, who defines himself as a "wordsmith," is continuously perfecting his craft and is on a steady path to the top, so I was honored when he asked me to review his new music before it was even released

His upcoming EP, "L.O.V.E." is a concise and candid glimpse into Will's upbringing, demeanor, and gives a strong hint of his musical influences. Love's talent as an MC is apparent. This 5 song EP hi-lights the refreshing rawness of his delivery.

Growing up in New Orleans, he discovered a love for lyrical emcees such as Andre 3000 and 50 Cent. He came up the hard way. But getting it how he lived led him to turn his pain into a passion -- music. 

The first track, entitled "Flight Risk/Honey" is like two vibes in one. Part 1 of the track hints of early Jay Z flow with a little Ma$E pizazz. Part II is dope; the beat is seductive; Will Love's flow and lyrics are intriguing, and his coming-up story seems genuine. I like the intentional inclusion of some of his New Orleanian slang like “done me off.”

I really vibe off the looped sample in "Blue Hill Avenue." The song's buildup is energizing and Love's lyrics and flow on this song are noteworthy ... 

 “You picking up a mic, but barely picking up your kids” 

 “building up the brand so the whole city remember.”  

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