Ro$ewood Renegade Drops New Single "Knockin"

Austin, Texas-based rapper/hip hop artist, Ro$ewood Renegade, dropped a new single entitled "Knockin." The track literally epitomizes the sound and vibe you get when you're sitting at the light and an old school whip pulls up with a banging sound system. That slight metallic "knockin" sound is the kind you want to recreate as you turn up the volume on Renegade's latest song off his new mixtape "In My Own Lane."

"Cold. I promise I'm gon' break the mold"

Ro$ewood Renegade comes from a musical heritage. In fact, music played an essential part in his upbringing, going all the way back to his grandfather who was the lead singer in a family blues band alongside his brothers and sisters during the ’70s and ’80s. 

His uncle, Dr. James Polk, is a renowned musician who toured, arranged and played the organ for music legends Ray Charles and James Brown. Through his family of hustlers and music lovers, he gained an appreciation for music as a craft and looks at it as an art form, first and foremost.

"I'm like a pilot, the way that I got it."

Notwithstanding the musical accomplishments of those that came up before him, Regenade’s relying on his own personal success to further his career. He and his brother, Deezle, started their own rap duo called ‘Double or Nuttin’ at a young age while they were still in school, becoming local celebrities at school and in their neighborhood. He’s worked hard ever since to grow as an artist and is taking hold of this moment to step into the spotlight. Tired of being overlooked, he’s even taken control by creating his own label, Kommittee Rich Ent LLC, alongside his manager Phil Jackson. 

The only place to get Ro$ewood Renegade’s new mixtape "In My Own Lane" is by going to his website. 

You can check it out for news and updates.