"Take A Ride" with Roxanne

Canadian Singer-songwriter, Roxanne, is a multifaceted talent.  In addition to her songwriting skills, Roxanne is also a music producer versed in number of music genres including classical, pop, blues, soul, disco, funk, and reggae.
Her smooth and soulful vocals perfectly complement the song's heartfelt lyrics like "I don't know how much I can take" and "stay close to my heart." Roxanne's vulnerability on "Take A Ride" fully delivers on the pop elements. And the song's percussiveness gives the track a "house" "dance music" feel. 
Before  dropping this single, Roxanne was known for her features on projects with accomplished local and international artists, and her original 2015 “Uncovered” album and her 2017 “Insatiable” album with Nile Groove, her Ottawa-based reggae band.
The beautiful songstress is giving fans a whole new sound as a solo artist with the release of “Take A Ride.”
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