Alias Wayne Puts his Heart and Soul into "Gimme What its Worth"

Country music singer-songwriter, Alias Wayne's new song, "Gimme What Its Worth" is giving you more than you'd expect when you slide a coin in a diner jukebox and press play. Wayne, also known as Randal X Kendrick, has put together an authentically Texas sound with elements of country, rock, and Americana in this latest song off of his new album, Faux Pas

The crisp, soulful electric guitar playing, snaring drum beats, and hums of the harmonica masterfully showcase Alias Wayne's musicianship.  

While the melody and words scream Buffalo Springfield, "Stop Children What's That Sound," this is no ordinary cover. The contemporary and truly American arrangement coupled with Wayne's excellent vocalization give new life to the heartfelt lyrics. And the words are as relevant to the divisiveness in American politics and sentiment in 2020 as they were when they were originally delivered back in the 1960s. 

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