Artist Spotlight: Myles Alexander -- Anxiety

London, England's Myles Alexander is a multifaceted performance artist paving his path through his music. His new song, entitled "Anxiety,"  is a dark, beautiful, and heartfelt tune that showcases Mr. Alexnder's vocal range and flexibility.  His delivery presents as Sam Smith meets The Weeknd. The lyrics, are deep and emotional...  

"Just have to pray for a better day
Just have some faith in the Lord today
The sun won't come without the rain
Its never okay..."

The Hackney bred R&B singer with Caribbean roots bares his soul as he sings of hiding away to deal with anxiety.

How did you get your start?
I have always been involved in performing arts. Starting off in theatre as an actor and dancer, whilst doing this with Arcola theatre, I experimented with poetry which transitioned into song writing. During my teens I would just write for friends and for my school projects, some songs got made and were heard... some not.
How did you find your voice?   
It wasn't until I was in dance school in sixth form that I found my voice mainly doing backgrounds in performances and writing songs for shows. Now after a long break from music I am back and have things to say. 

What artists inspire you musically?
My main influences are Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Lalah Hathaway, Erykah badu, Jill Scott and Ella Fitzgerald due to the story telling of how they would deliver the song.

What makes your gift special?
My message with my music is just to keep it honest and organic. Anxiety for example is based on a conversation I had with a family member about the social stress we have being from the Caribbean community and not living up to the stereotypical stigmas. All music that I will be releasing will be either my perspective or conversations I have had with friends and family.

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