DJ Ažurely is All About "The Glow Up"

New England native, DJ Ažurely's music is as beautiful as she is. Her new song, The Glow Up, showcases her amazing vocal abilities,  and excellent musicianship. Every note of the track is audibly pleasing, and her visual presentation certainly doesn't hurt the eyes. The radio-worthy song is genre-bending, as it has a pop chorus line, EDMish lyrics, and a trap beat. That should help it crossover to a number of different audiences.

AŽ has a lifelong background in music and performance. As a kid, she would often star in plays and musicals, singing, and playing several different instruments. But by college, she sophisticated her craft.

After attending both Emerson College and Berklee College, Ažurely ventured into her local EDM scene. Although she started out as a journalist and content promoter, she quickly joined in as a house DJ, named Ažurely, and has been doing so for the last few years.

She has performed for some big name artists including direct support for Mercer at Bijou and playing on the bill with world-renowned acts such as Mija, OOKAY, Ducky, and Goldfish.

You can follow her on Instagram: and check out her music on Soundcloud and Spotify