Jonathon Goldie Diving In Blind!

Vancouver alternative music artist, Jonathon Goldie, has released his debut album, Blind!. The album release comes after the release of two singles off the album, “Tundra” and “Fata Morgana.”

"Blind!" is an organic collection of tunes filled with guitar, vocals, and percussive elements. It's light and flowy--  just the sort of thing that gets your brain moving at a coffee shop (other than the java). And his vocals are soothing.

The album's title track has the 1960s, The Beatles', feel to it. The relaxing vibration makes us want to roll-up, inhale, and close my eyes.

Goldie is a professional musician who regularly performs his style of indie folk-rock music throughout BC, Vancouver. After working tirelessly on the alternative project, he is excited for the world to hear his first album.

Blind! is available now on Bandcamp and all other major platforms. 

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