Devon Worley Band Releases EP, 'Teatime for Thieves'

Led by 22-year-old Devon Worley, the Devon Worley Band has a bold and fresh new five-song EP called Teatime for Thieves. It builds upon the band's earlier releases.  In 2013, DVB released a debut album (an ICMA award winner) and followed up with The Sunrise Resistance in 2017

This project was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, "Music City." Teatime's first single, "No Fool" showcases Worley's rockin' voice over simple and down home lyrics.   

"I ain't a fool boy
And you ain't slick
I been strong for too long 
to come back to this"

The EP's plaintive ballad, "Leave Me Slow," sounds like a certifiable hit in rock or country, while "Black River Magic" could well be a Stevie Nicks' deep-track pop gem. The hard rock slow burner "Wytch Hunt," and the old school notions of "Broken Record" demonstrate how five-plus years working together has made DWB a finely honed music unit capable of pivoting to any genre with grit or grace - and no apologies.

Lead guitarist, co-writer and vocalist Jason Medvec earned his rock dawgroad badge years ago backing the Bay City Rollers on two international tours. Drummer Grant Thelen and bass player Adam Durand both shape the band's production on and offstage and like to call themselves the band's Shake and Bake Rhythm Section. Truth is, all of 'em together can effortlessly pivot to bust or blend genres in what is almost a sleight of hand, they do it so seamlessly.

As DWB launches Teatime for Thieves at the end of April 2020, they hope to be back at big country festivals and more intimate rock clubs as soon as the heavy fog of Covid-19 lifts. They're eager to be back at it, despite the long treks it takes to get where the Devon Worley Band wants to be.

The new EP is more true to who they are than anything they've ever done.Call them a country-rock band or a rock band that plays country with hard rock roots. They're just going to keep on doing things their way 'cuz it works for them - and their fans.